A Complete Event Planning

Collaborative planning software

Plan and manage events seamlessly in one solution – 15+ tools that helps you simplify and automate all your event management tasks.

We’ve Got You Covered

Planning Tools

Create checklist, schedules, budgets, to-do’s, agenda’s and task lists from pre-built templates


Collaborate online with team members, co-workers, clients and other stakeholders. Share and monitor files, task, leads


Comprehenseive inbox. Segment your communication with stakeholders, suppliers and the  event teams

Attendee and Registrations

Event organizers to manage and track their attendees from invitations, over online registration and event website

No more running your events on spreadsheets!


How to Plan an Event:
Free Simple Guide

This guide will show the follow to plan an event. Figure out your goals and timeline for the event. Establish your budget. Find your venue. Select your tech. Find your partners and vendors

Built for planning any kind of event

We’ll Show You How It’s Done

It’s in our best interest that you have every tool you need to create successful events. And this total education provided by our experts is a major step towards Easing Event Execution. What our training modules and schedules a demo, so we can show how it works.