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All-in-one event management software which enables you to seamlessly manage your event entirely within one system.

Event Planning Platform ideal for managing Corporate Events, Conferences, Exhibitions, Tradeshows, Festivals, Product Launches, Fundraisers etc.

Planning Tools

We’ve compiled all of your essential event planning tools into one single sign-on. All in one place to collaborate, monitor and grow.

Task Management

Task management tool that allows users to plan, organise and effortlessly execute events.


Stay on track with our comprehensive event planning to-do list. 


Keep the list of last minute check points. Share with your team, assign team members to follow up.


Take the stress out of your event schedule by staying organised with easy to use timeline planning.


Easily plan how to spend client’s budget with our intuitive online event budget calculator. Add your own categories and items to keep track of cost, quotes, and payment.


Capture every information that matters to your event. Save time by avoiding multiple to and from communication.

Collaboration Tools

Communicate and share information inside the platform. Our tool offers the ability to invite additional users. Allows them to create own logins.

Email COmmunication

The communications tool will serve as a central location to manage email as it relates to your events and business activities. Email communications are segmented for each event.

Forms and Surveys

Build your own customised forms/surveys for collecting input or feedback regarding your event or leads, invite your team to view the result, collaborate and grow.

File Storage and Sharing

Segment and store file & relevant to each event. Share with your team and clients.


Take notes on every detail and share it with your team, clients and vendors.


Contact Management

Manage all your contacts including speakers, sponsors and attendee for the event. Segment contact for the event for easy navigation.


Manage all your contact information for anyone involved with your events, including speakers, vendors, clients and contractors.

Attendee Management

All of your attendee information will be available in a single place. From RSVP, manage information for your attendees/guests and registration details.

Vendor Management

Manage your supplier details including contract, payments, quotes etc. All in one place for easy review.

Additional Features Coming soon

We got more. Additional features that helps

Attendee Management

Designed to help event professionals organise all critical elements of attendee management in one easy-to-use area:  Registrations, Guest list, RSVP’s.

Event Website

Event Website is used for providing more event information, program schedule, RSVP, Ticketing and Promotion needs.

Job Sheets

Create detailed information of your event activities. Share it with your colleagues. 


Generate contracts for the selected suppliers and their offers.

Online FORMS

Build your own customised forms/surveys for collecting input or feedback regarding events.

Seating planner

Coming soon. Our Seating Planner tool helps you create the perfect layout with social distancing. 

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