Bring your event team together

Make sure you and your staff, clients, contractors and vendors are on the same page with our online collaboration software tools for events.

Collaboration Platform for Events. Streamline communication. Store everything you need in one place that is accessible to anyone who needs it.

Email Communication

 Consolidate all communications related to events into one collective inbox and integrates with your existing email addresses gives you the power to see all your event-related emails in one place.

Contacts Management

It has information about all type of contact with phone number address and email. These contacts sync across many event tools to maximise ease of use.


Build beautiful, interactive forms — get more responses. No coding is needed. Templates for RSVP, Registrations and Feedback.


Assign vendors to each event items and manage their payments to track your expenditure. 


A place to store all the little details for each segment or area of your event.


Attach key documents like proposal, invoices etc to each event item.

Collaboration: a new approach to organising successful events

Whether you are an event planner working from desktop, tablet or smartphone these all-in-one tools can help you boost your productivity to get things done on time.

  • Better Alignment with stakeholders When you talk about collaboration, it’s a good idea to specially focus on external collaboration with your customers, partners, and vendors — the stakeholders whom your events and your product directly affect.
  • Enhance Productivity  When any teams uses tools or processes that make teamwork and team communication more efficient, individual workers’ goals are met faster and with higher quality results.
  • Helps to fix mistakes The more eyes you have working on a project, the more likely it is to spot these problems in a timely manner and fix them with minimal confusion.

More Add-Ons

Planning/To-do List

Event Day-Of Itinerary / Agenda

Attendee Management

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